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America`s Revival Heritage by Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt

Published by Hyatt Press
96 pages

America's Revival Heritage: How Christian Reformation & Spiritual Awakening Led to the Formation of the United States of America
You have heard the doomsayers and their predictions of America's demise. Now, in America's Revival Heritage, Dr. Eddie Hyatt shows why there is hope for America and that the answer is not a political one, but a spiritual one. He builds a foundation for hope by showing that America was founded by Christian revivalists and reformers who were seeking the renewal of all Christendom according to the Scriptures. He also shows the direct bearing of the Great Awakening (1726-1760) on the founding of America and demonstrates that America's freedoms are rooted in the thinking of those Reformers. He shows that the way forward for America is a revival of those principles that gave birth to the nation.

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