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The 1726 Project: Recovering America's Godly Heritage

The 1726 Project was founded to educate the American populace about how the Great Awakening, which began in 1726, had a direct bearing on the founding of America. During this Awakening, entire towns were transformed as multitudes repented and turned to God. Denominational and racial walls were broken down and the moral and spiritual forces were unleashed that eventually brought about the end of slavery. To one degree or another, every American founder was impacted by this Awakening. 1776 was the fruit of 1726. The negative ramifications of 1619 and slavery were overcome, and America became defined as a land of faith and freedom.

The books below highlight and document the significance of 1726 in the life and story of America. Only by understanding 1726 can we understand America.

1726 The Year That Defined America by Eddie Hyatt America's Revival Heritage 2nd Edition by Eddie Hyatt Pilgrims and Patriots 2nd Edition by Eddie Hyatt Abolitionist Founding Fathers by Eddie Hyatt 5 Pillars of The American Republic by Eddie Hyatt