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Discovering The Real Jesus by Dr. Eddie Hyatt

Published by Hyatt Press
192 pages

In his latest book, Dr. Eddie Hyatt confronts the false Jesus of the New Age, of liberal Christianity, of popular American culture, of religious cults, and more. In a chapter on the resurrection of Jesus, he shows compelling evidence for the resurrection and discusses the writings of a famous Harvard law professor who said that the resurrection of Jesus is the best documented event of ancient history. Drawing on Scripture, history, and modern archaeology, he shows why believing in Jesus as the promised Messiah and Son of God is not a blind leap of faith. It is, rather, a step of faith into the light of reason and historical evidence. If you are already a believer in Jesus, this book will affirm your faith and equip you to defend your faith. You will want to give copies to your unbelieving family members and friends for it will challenge their unbelief and help them discover the Real Jesus.

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