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2nd Edition

by Dr. Susan Hyatt

In The Spirit We're Equal 2nd Edition by Dr. Susan Hyatt

Published by Hyatt Press
503 pages

The church's traditional teaching about women is rooted in the pagan philosophy presuppositions that women are evil, inferior, unequal and unclean and therefore, requires that women be submissive, subservient, subordinate, and secondary. The Bible, on the other hand, teaches that women are equal with men in terms of substance & value, privilege & responsibility, function & authority in all areas of life & leadership, ministry & marriage. This is born out in the teachings of Jesus, the Creation narrative, Paul, and all the NT Epistles, as well as through the activity of the Holy Spirit in church history. The first edition of IN THE SPIRIT WE'RE EQUAL, published in 1998, was very well received. It was reprinted in 2006. This 2022 edition is an extensive update, but the focus and purpose remain unchanged. This book is especially for men and women who embrace a Pentecostal, Charismatic, Revival, or Renewal Christian experience, but I trust that those of other persuasions will also find it helpful. It is not designed as an argument for Biblical equality. It is, instead, an affirmation for men and women for whom this Biblical truth is already a living reality.

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