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Revival Fire: Discerning Between the True & the False by Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt

Published by Hyatt Press
160 pages

Eddie Hyatt's former book, 2000 Years of Charismatic Christianity, provided inspiration and validation for revival movements around the world after it was first published in 1996. This present volume Revival Fire: Discerning Between the True & the False is a follow-up to 2000 Years . . . and consists of Dr. Hyatt's mature reflections on the state of spiritual renewal in America and the world today. He shows that the way forward is by striking a healthy balance between Word & Spirit and by taking the time to learn from revival movements of the past. Dr. Trevor Grizzle, Professor of New Testament at the ORU Graduate School of Theology, says, "This book is life-giving bread to those who hunger for genuine revival. It is the most biblically and theologically balanced volume I have read on the topic."

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